Wish Upon A Waltz

Current work in progress set in the Regency period.

All Minerva Parker ever wanted was to be asked to dance. Her height, intelligence, and spectacles made that wish nigh on impossible. The only person to ever ask is Lord Michael, her best friend’s brother. Minerva would rather die than accept his pity. Minerva has convinced herself the only way to attract the opposite sex, is to sacrifice her intelligence- something she is not willing to do. When circumstances dictate that she accompany her best friend, Gwendolyn, to the country, Minerva finds herself in constant quarrel with Lord Michael on every single subject. As heated words flare, so does their passion.

Lord Michael represses deep feelings of his own. After returning from the Napoleonic Wars, he is consumed by nightmares of fallen comrades during his hours of darkness. When he is forced to share a carriage with his sister and Minerva, guarding his debility while sparring words, might be his undoing. His sister’s passionate friend stirs a longing and need that he is desperately trying to quell.

Learning to trust one another, while overcoming personnel insecurities and deep-rooted fears, may prove to be their greatest lesson.